Founded in South Shields, Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2017. Chic Candles was born when Danielle discovered a gap in the market for luxury soy candles & products. Being the perfectionist that she is, Danielle quickly set about perfecting the brand. But also sourcing the best & most natural ingredients that wouldn’t only look good in the home but more environmentally sustainable.

The Chic Candle brand continuously began to grow, now spreading its wings in shops & around the world.

Chic Candles are made from the highest quality soy wax & fragrance oils. They are vegan-friendly, paraben & lead-free. A healthier product for your home & the world we live in.

All Chic Candle products are Developed, blended & decanted to ensure the ultimate freshness.

Not just a candle but a beautiful addition to your home interior.

All my candles are made to order & are hand-poured with love & care.

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them.

Danielle Lynn


The First Burn 

It’s really important that the first time you burn your candle, you let the wax melt right to the edge of the vessel. To do this, make sure you burn your candle for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours. It’s important to get the first burn right because the wax pool you create in your first burn will be the wax pool you get every burn after. Creating a good wax pool will mean you get the best fragrance from your scented candle and one that will linger for longer.

The best way to think of the wax is like a memory- so if your candle does not burn to the edges then on the next burn it will begin to tunnel and will not burn evenly and no one wants that!

Trimming your Wick 

After you first use your candle its important to trim your wick about 5mm. This is so that the wick doesnt get clogged with wax, this effects its burning and any debris left in the candle means the flame could flicker too high and blacken the glass.

Candle TLC

Try not too burn your candles for longer than 4 hours at a time as this can create carbon deposits (mushroom shape) on the wick which may cause smoking. To help your Chic Candle lifespan stay long & healthy I would recommend leaving 24 hours before lighting your candle again as this will prolong the fragrance. If your candle vessel comes with a lid I would also recommend keeping the lid on when not in use.